Liriope graminifolia cultivated in Texas and Arkansas
1a, b, c. Above and two below.  Hendrix College in Conway Arkansas.  26 September 2010. 
2a, b.  Two above.  Hendrix College, 26 September 2010.  This border almost certainly was created from a more continuous patch from stoloniferous reproduction.  Offsets are already beginning to appear through the mulch. 
4. Below.  Hendrix College, 26 September 2010.  Note plants coming up through the English ivy, from stolons. 
5. Below.  Hendrix College, 26 September 2010.  All is Liriope graminifolia.  The vigorous growth along the edge probably results from sprinkler runoff from the sidewalk. 
3.  Above.  Vigorous patch in Fort Worth, 5 October 2010.  Growth along the front edge is restrained by an imbedded barrier. 
7a, b. Two below.  Fort Worth residential yard, 11 September 2010.  Foot traffic and mowing results in a range of sizes of the individual plants, perhaps all a single clone.  Flowers pale violet.
6. Above.  Fort Worth landscape, 5 October 2010.
8a, b.  Two below.  Liriope graminifolia "Ariaka-janshige." Fort Worth, 22 October 2010.  Note the stoloniferous offsets in lower photo.  Corollas pale pink.