Liriope muscari in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas (I)
5a, b, c.  Below.  Fort Worth, Texas.  Bottom two are close-ups from planting above.  Flowers light lavender.  Plants have remained in a row for at least 8 years, despite production of short stolons (see photos).
1. Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas, 26 September 2010.
2. Above.  Fort Worth, Texas, 19 September 2010. Note acropetal development of flowers on this plant.
3a, b, c.  Three below, Fort Worth, Texas, 2 August 2010. Flowers light lilac.
4a, b, c, d.  Four below.  Fort Worth, Texas, August through early October 2010.  Flowers white to light lilac, mostly past flower.  The rachises are white.