Liriope spicata in Texas and Arkansas
1a, b, c, d. Four above: Conway, Arkansas.  25 September 2010.
4a, b.  Two above.  Fort Worth, Texas, 10 October 2010.  Note colonial habit from widespreading stolons.
5a, b, c, d. Four below.  Variegated Liriope spicata, "Silver Dragon."  Flowers light lilac.  Fort Worth, Texas, 9 October 2010. 
3a-g. Seven below, including close-ups, from the same colony. Fort Worth, Texas.  August through October 2010.  
3e, f, g. Below.  Close-ups below are from colony above.  August 2 and 19, 2010.
2. Immediately below.  Fort Worth, Texas.  2 October 2010.